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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

23 February 2014 through 03 March 2014

Hey everyone, friends Lady and Mercury just got back from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and her is a few good idea you guys might want to try out when you are in the area of Cabo San Lucas. Please remember my friends when any country stay save and try to learn some laws before going it will help you in the long run. Have fun out there my friends and enjoy.

Hotel/ Condo/ Motel: 

  • WorldMark Coral Baja
Carretera Federal 1, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Phone for U.S. and Canada: 1 (800) 457-0103
Phone: +52 624 142 3939
Fax: 52 624 142 3988
 Things To Do:
 1. Off Road Runners- {ATV}
Phone: (624) 144-4433
Price: $97.50
*book online and let them know where you are staying, because they will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel*

2. Caborey Los Cabos Premier Cruise- {Whale Watching}
Toll Free: U.S. & Canada-1 (866) 460-4105
Mexico: 1 (52) 624-143-8060
Price: $46.50

3. Canopy Costa Azul- {Zip-line Adventure}
Phone: (624) 105-9311 & 12
    -reserve @
Price: $72.00
*They will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel*

4. The Pirate Adventure- {Snorkeling}
Phone: (624) 144-4218 & 011 52 (624) 144-4217
Price: $36.75

1. Mama Mia
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Phone: (624) 142-3939 Ext. 730

Earth Escapes:
1. ATV Adventure; Price: $80/person
2. Horseback Riding; Price: $65/person
3. Off-Road Buggies; Price: $160/person
4. Off-Road Jeep; Price: $138/person
5. Hummer Excursion; Price: $148/person
6. Camel Safari; Price: $89/person
7. Hiking Tours; Price:$125/person
8. Mountain Bike Tour; Price: $59/person
9. City Tours; Price: $72/person
10. Art Walk Tour; Price: $65/person
11. Nature & Culture Tour; Price: $65/person
12. Fitness Classes; Price: $150/person
13. Team Building; Price: $43/person

Sea Adventures:
1. Dolphin Experience; Price: $99/person
2. Sunset Cruise; Price: $39/person
3. Pirate Ship Cruise; Price: $50/person
4. Sailing; Price: Price: $65/person
5. High Speed Boat Ride; Price:$65/person
6. Snorkel Cruise; Price: $49/person
7. Whale Watching; Price: $39/person
8. Kayaking Tour; Price: $70/person
9. Scuba Diving; Price: $60/person
10. Underwater Sea Trek; Price: $75/person 
11. Surfing Adventure; Price: $85/person
12. Stand Up Paddle; Price: $25/person
13. Whale Shark Swim; Price: $169/person
14. Water Jetpack; Price: $200/person

Sky Sensations:
1. Zip-line Tours; Price: $95/person
2. Bungee Jump; Price: $95/person
3. Canyon Swing; Price: $95/person
4. Parasailing; Price: $50/person

Call the Cabo Experts at: 1 (888)745-2226

I highly suggest you go to there mall, you can buy the trinkets cheaper. If you take the bus it's $1.50 and the taxi $7.00, but ask your hotel if they changed the prices.

(Rated 5 out 5 paws)